Empower girls through football

Badgers Academy is a Not for Profit community intervention aimed at empowering and improving the lives of girls in high-risk areas through football

We are creating alternative life paths for girls and women in high-risk communities

The Academy provides safe spaces where girls develop football skills, build strong relationships and tap into mentorship and guidance from a representative leadership and peer group.

We are built around community, inclusivity, resilience and empathy


The current context for girls in South Africa is predominantly dangerous and unsupportive

1 in 40

women are victims of sexual offences


of young people drop out of school before finishing


of childbirths are to mothers aged 10 to 13 years old
Too often, the agency of young girls is removed through:
  • Lack of safety
  • No places outside school to establish supportive friendships
  • No amenities
  • Lack of self belief and agency
  • No mentors to guide them through adolescence

Change habits Change lives

There is a strong need for positive role models, educational alternatives, mentoring, skills development and building of overall resilience


Through strong coaching, leadership and sports, we develop critical skills in our members


Resilience to difficulties in their homes, schools and neighbourhood environments

Respect & Empathy

Strong friendships built around mutual respect and empathy

Common goals

The ability to work together towards a common goal

Self growth

Patience, perseverance and the understanding that hard work comes with self growth

Self esteem

Improved self esteem through positive reinforcement by coaches, leaders and peers


A sense of camaraderie and community

What can you do?

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Get involved

Our funders can benefit through a variety of ways

Direct Improvement

Be involved in a movement that directly improves the lives of girls in South Africa

Corporate Social Responsibility

Spend Corporate Social Responsibility contribution on a programme with direct positive impact

Tax Deductible

Make tax deductible donations

Business foothold

Establish a legal foothold in South Africa’s business environment through a low-risk programme


Engage with our multi-sector stakeholders in local and national government, private sector and the NGO community

For Profit opportunities

Branch into For Profit business using our network and market intelligence

Unique packages

Develop a package unique to your investment capacity and requirements


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