Why we exist - a message from the founder

Being frustrated by the lack of sports training opportunities I was afforded as a girl at school and as a young adult, compared to my male peers, I started my own women’s social club in 2017 and to my surprise membership grew very quickly. I realized that what I had created was not just about football, it was about a safe, inclusive community for girls and women.

In South Africa, the agency of many young girls is removed through a lack of safety and amenities. This is further intensified by the lack of mentors, absent parents and an absence of places outside of school to establish supportive friendships.

It is well researched that team sports play a fundamental role in the social-emotional learning of young people. By targeting critical moments of intervention in a young person’s life, Badgers Academy aims to create safe spaces for young girls while growing their confidence and resilience.

I run Badgers as a means to counter this narrative. Badgers is built around community, inclusivity, resilience and empathy. Most importantly, we focus on ensuring that the mental and physical benefits of team sports, safe communities and brave spaces are attainable to those who would normally not have access to them.

Romaney Pinnock – Founder


Through strong coaching, leadership and sports, we develop critical skills in our members


Resilience to difficulties in their homes, schools and neighbourhood environments

Respect & Empathy

Strong friendships built around mutual respect and empathy

Common Goals

The ability to work together towards a common goal

Self Growth

Patience, perseverance and the understanding that hard work comes with self growth

Self Esteem

Improved self esteem through positive reinforcement by coaches, leaders and peers


A sense of camaraderie and community