1. Keep a safe distance from other people at all times (at least 1.5m away)
  2. Wear a mask at all times
  3. Masks should cover your mouth and nose
  4. Sanitise your hands upon entry to our premises and regularly whilst on site
  5. Avoid physical contact
  6. Do not share utensils, equipment or food with other people and avoid touching your face

Typical symptoms of Coronavirus include; dry cough, runny nose, fever and shortness of breath. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell and contact your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.


Badgers Football Academy is a registered Not-for-Profit (NPO) football club aimed at empowering women and girls through football. By offering training, social matches and school programmes, Badgers Football Academy provides a safe space for women and girls to play football.

– Right of admission to the premises and all facilities are reserved. By booking a court, participating in a social game or league match, attending a training session or simply accessing the premises, you understand that you do so at your own risk and that neither Badgers Football Academy nor Gardens Commercial High School will be held responsible or accept any liability for any theft, loss, damage or injury sustained by any person(s) using the premises and its facilities.
– Football is considered a contact sport and by booking a court, playing a social game or league match, attending a training session or participating in any related football activity, you understand the risks associated therewith.
– Neither Badgers Football Academy, Gardens Commercial High School nor any shareholders, directors, insurers or employees shall be held liable for any theft, loss, damage or injury (including sickness or death), accidental or otherwise.
– Bookings and use of the premises or any of its facilities will be subject to approval and any person who does not comply with the terms, rules and policies set out will be rightfully removed and no refund given.
– Any damage caused to the premises and/or its facilities, whether accidental or otherwise, will be the responsibility of the team/person who made the booking and that team/person will be responsible for the fixing and/or replacing of the damaged item.

– All bookings will be subject to approval by Badgers Football Academy and no court, field or facility may be used without the necessary approval.
– Bookings need to be made directly with Badgers Football Academy.

– Should you for any reason wish to cancel your booking, you are required to notify Badgers Football Academy at least 48 hours before the scheduled booking time.
– If a booking can be replaced by another person/team then a refund for the cancelled booking will be given and a 10% administration fee will be deducted. If a booking cannot be replaced or filled in time a 100% cancellation fee will be charged and no refunds issued.

– All bookings will only be confirmed once payment has been received in full.
– Only payments via the application Virgin SPOT, Snapscan or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs) will be accepted.
– All payments must be made in South African Rand (ZAR).

– Badgers Football Academy aims to create a safe environment for all women and girls to enjoy football and therefore strict policies will be applied to ensure everyone’s behaviour and conduct upholds this aim.
– Badgers Football Academy will aim to make everyone feel welcome, encouraged and included as much as possible. This means everyone will be treated equally regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, religion or disability.
– Both on and off the court/field, Badgers Football Academy will expect all of its members, staff and clients to;
a. Show good sportsmanship/sportwomanship to all players, both teammates and opposition players, coaches, staff members and visitors at all times.
b. Maintain a respectful attitude and not to use offensive language or language that belittles, insults, excludes or makes others feel hurt or unsafe.
c. Promote women in football.
d. Be accountable for your actions and the actions of others by behaving responsibly and with sensitivity to all. Be ready to apologise, make amends, and
support each other in every way possible.

– A zero-tolerance policy will be enforced if any behaviour is deemed unacceptable or in violation of the values promoted by Badgers Football Academy.



All persons entering the premises do so entirely at their own risk. Badgers Football Academy and Gardens Commercial High School will not be held responsible or accept any liability for any theft, loss, damage or injury sustained by any person using these premises.

  • By entering the premises, you indemnify Badgers Football Academy and Gardens Commercial High School in respect of any and all claims, costs, liabilities, damages and losses incurred, suffered or sustained arising out of the use of these premises
  • Right of admission is reserved
  • No unauthorised access, squatting or non-permitted use of these facilities is allowed
  • No illegal substances, weapons or firearms are allowed onto these premises
  • No violent or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated
  • No smoking allowed